New Dawn For CITAM: New Strategic Plan Launched

The Saturday of 10th December 2022 marked a new dawn for CITAM ministry when the new Strategic Plan 2023-2027 was officially launched in a colourful ceremony held at CITAM Valley Road’s Dennis White Hall.

Bishop Calisto Odede said that this strategic plan comes at an imperative turning point when there is a great need to enhance our ministry’s effectiveness in the rapidly changing and expanding ministry context, while at the same time ensuring, relevance, depth and quality of our ministry. “I believe this is CITAM’s opportunity to tremendously expand and leverage existing opportunities and create new avenues that will address the evolving needs of society and bring about great spiritual renewal,” Bishop Odede said.  “This Strategic Plan is intended to provide CITAM with a solid foundation for moving forward and hence have a tremendous impact in Kenya and globally.”

Our strategic focus shall be people; to connect, equip and positively impact children, youth and adults through diversified ministry, channels, and resources.

Goal: By 2027 we will have reached 9,200,000 children, youths, and adults directly, and a total of 42,000,000 children, youths, and adults in missions, discipleship, care, and social transformation.

In the new strategy we have 5 Strategic Pillars which are Missions, Discipleship, Care, Social Transformation and Organizational Development. The following are the respective objectives:

The five pillars necessary to deliver the strategic goal are described as below alongside their respective objective statements:

Pillar 1: Missions – will focus on missions, evangelism and related initiatives. The strategic objective for Missions is thus stated:

Objective 1: We will witness an increase in the conversion of new believers through our ministries.

Pillar 2: Discipleship – will focus on all aspects of discipleship and biblical teaching. The strategic objective for Discipleship is thus stated:

Objective 2: Our constituents (children, youth, adults) will report experiencing growth in their Christianity.

Pillar 3: Care – will focus on extended care for church members and others within the reach of CITAM. The strategic objective for Care is thus stated:

Objective 3: Our constituents (children, youth, adults) will report experiencing increased love and care.

Pillar 4: Social Transformation – will focus on extended social transformation initiatives such as leadership development, ministry in the market place, learning institutions, community development, among others. The strategic objective for Social Transformation is thus stated:

Objective 4: We will witness increased positive influence in the larger society through our ministry.

Pillar 5: Organizational Development – will focus on all other organizational aspects including governance, administration, operations, projects, business enterprises, among others. The strategic objective for Organizational Development is thus stated:

Objective 5: There will be increased and sustained organizational health (people, processes, technologies) to fulfil our core mandate and strategic focus.

The Strategic Objectives within the five pillars will be fulfilled through Action Plans or Medium-term Plans for the following CITAM ministries, departments and units.

The CITAM Strategic Plan 2023 – 2027, as well as the ministry/department/units action plans have been developed with specific defined results at Goal, Strategic Objectives, Outcomes, and Output levels, with relevant results indictors and baselines. These will form a critical part of the subsequent and ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and learning activities, to be carried out by the office dedicated to strategy implementation, program and projects management, monitoring and evaluation.