The Safari

What is the Safari

The Safari is a comprehensive discipleship program designed for all those who thirst after righteousness to embark on a journey of personal growth and transformation in their walk with the Lord.

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Why The Safari

Today’s world faces great challenges, such as the reality of terrorism that is rooted in religious radicalisation and the other challenge is that of worldliness.

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How of The Safari

The Safari is executed in a comprehensive process through five levels of discipleship.

  • Individual Level
  • Small Group Level
  • Congregation Level

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The Five Step Pathway

Unlike the regular discipleship programs, the Safari entails a five step pathway and a five step pathway and the Service Centre.

The to 5 step pathway seeks to equip every individual believer to Know, Grow, Bond, Serve and Minister;While being empowered Consistently through the other church programs and regular services

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The Experience