State of the Art Evangelism Truck Dedicated

Today, 22nd September 2022 is a great day in our ministry when Bishop Calisto Odede dedicated a modern evangelism truck on the grounds of CITAM Karen. It was a joyous event, praising God, for those who graced the occasion to experience a demo on the tailor-made systems installed on the truck for outdoor sound and visuals. The truck has an inbuilt platform which flaps up and down at a touch of a button with clear sunlight screens on the sides. The sound system is powerful enough, with clear effect, to reach over 10,000 people in an open ground. No worries if the evangelism teams go to remote areas without electricity because the truck has a powerful generator that can comfortably run the entire set up.

Bishop Calisto Odede thanked God for the family that gave Ksh 27M towards the purchase of the truck. “The truck will help in providing answers to many through preaching about Jesus Christ, the deliverer,” the Bishop stated. “It will help in the propagation of the gospel to many people who are living in bondage.”

Present in the event was some members of the Council of Elders, Bishop Karita Mbagara ( Deputy Bishop), Rev. Ken Isige( DFA), Rev. Charles Obara ( Regional Overseer, Southern), Rev. Elias Githuka ( Head Of Missions), Dismus Makanda ( Head of Hope Media), head office managers,  among others. Many were elated by the doing of the Lord and said that many people will get saved during the evangelism trips the truck will make.